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Church Committees


St. Christopher’s Ministry List & Contacts


Acolytes – David Kirk  david.kirk@verizon.net


Adult Education – Gail Ritchie gvritchie@aol.com

Altar Guild – Pam Branstetter  pbranstetter@verizon.net


Banner Guild – Lynn Knox  hdkeak@msn.com


Book Discussion – Christine Meloni  cfmeloni@hotmail.com


Bread Bakers – Danny Gorham  fgorham103@aol.com


Building Committee –  Jen Gurensey


Chapel Prayer Team – Janet Quinn  bandito8@verizon.net


Coffee Hour – Margaret Kirk


ECHO Garden 


Finance Committee – Deborah Frear  deb.frear@gmail.com


Flower Guild – Liz Zubritsky


Greeters – Virgina Clark 


Grounds Committee – Bill Price  billp49@verizon.net


Intercessors – Carroll Hill  crhill927@msn.com


Lay Eucharistic Ministers – Pam Branstetter – see above (Altar Guild)


Lectors – Deb Kim 


Library – Kay Croll      


Memorial Committee - Bill Price



Ministry in Wider Church – Clericus of South Faifax Region or Diocese – Rector


Music Ministries (vocal/instrumental) – Rob Passow


Outreach Committee –John Quinn


Parish Retreat – Rev Carey and Shrine Mont Committee (703) 451/1089 revcareyconnors@gmail.com


Pastoral Assistance Team – Ruth Meagher remeagher@aol.com


Prayer Shawl Ministry – Mary Andrews mca663@gmail.com


Preschool Board – Rector   


Stewardship Committee – TBA


Tellers – Debbie Frear  deb.frear@gmail.com 


Ushers – Gaye Evans


Vestry – Rector and Wardens


Youth Groups – Rev Carey and Gail Ritchie (703) 451/1089 revcareyconnors@gmail.com