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Church Committees


Buildings and Grounds Maintenance


Maintenance of our buildings and grounds is accomplished by gifts of time and energy by many parishioners throughout the year, including our “Greenshoes,” who mow the grass each week.  The entire congregation participates in spring and fall clean-up days. Those with special skills are always invited to use those skills on St. Christopher’s grounds.


For more information, contact John Olsen, Chris Erbe, Daren Branch and Bob Hall.


Memorial Committee


The Memorial Committee oversees the administration of funds given in memory of loved ones who have died.  All memorials must be appropriate to the purpose and décor of the church buildings and grounds.  Our worship and parish life are greatly enhanced by memorial gifts, which are listed in the Memorial Book, found on the cast iron stand in the Chapel.


For more information, contact the Rector,  703-451-1088.


Finance Committee


The Finance Committee advises the Vestry regarding investments of our resources and works on behalf of the Vestry in developing and reviewing the annual budget.  


For more information, contact Gaye Evans, chair, 703-866-1393.




The Vestry meets on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Duties include cooperating with the rector in promoting the spiritual welfare of the congregation; welcoming those newly baptized, confirmed, or received into this church; supporting the programs of the congregation and continuously encouraging the members of the parish to support the programs and give generously to the ministry we share; and overseeing the temporal work of the church—the budget, buildings, and grounds needs, outreach opportunities, etc.  The Vestry also serves as a council of advice for the rector.  Each Vestry member is a coordinator of an area of ministry and oversees the work in that area.  


For more information, contact  Senior Warden or Junior Warden.