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Staff & Vestry

Please contact staff or vestry through the church office which is open Monday to Friday.   Phone us at 703-451-1088 or click http://www.saintchristophers.net/ContactForm/ to send us a message via email using our general contact form. This will be forwarded to the appropriate person.


The Rev. Peter K. Ackerman
(The Reverend Peter Ackerman - received is Masters in Divinity Degree from the Virginia Theological Seminary in 2007, the same year he was ordained to the priesthood.  Fr. Peter lives in Northern Virginia with his wife of 25 years, Marie, and their two adult children (one of whom is away at college!).  Fr. Peter grew up in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley and first followed in his parent's footsteps working in the television industry on both sides of the camera.  A life long Episcopalian, Fr. Peter discerned a call to ministry and, along with his family moved to Virginia in 2004 to attend seminary.  With the offer of a local job upon his commencement, Fr. Peter's Bishop in the Diocese of Los Angeles released him and thus he and his family happily remain in this area.  After serving as an Associate Rector for four years, Fr. Peter accepted the call to become the Rector of St. Christopher's Church in Springfield, where he happily journeys with the congregation and helps direct people to see how powerful a presence God is in their lives.)

Youth Minister for Teens
Meredith Maple

Organist & Choirmaster
Joe Gabalski

Joe Bush

Rector's AA/Website Master
Nina Miller

Vestry News:

Last Saturday, February 4, during the annual offsite retreat, our Vestry, Pastor, and Seminarian, strengthened our bonds of friendship and service, and elected liaisons to the various commissions.  In cementing the Church’s vision and mission, we shared the same conviction: that Vestry members are the conduits of information and knowledge, and the facilitators and coordinators of service.

We prayed, shared food, personal tidbits, stories, and varied passions for service.  We reacquainted ourselves with the responsibilities required of us by virtue of your electing us your representatives.  We revisited the description and duties of commissions with which you entrust the Rector and the Vestry.  We reiterated our conviction that the work of our Church is successful because of the participation of all at Saint Christopher’s, not only the Vestry.  By midmorning, we were comfortable with our knowledge and ready to share it with you, especially when you request, seek, question and offer to combine your light with ours to illuminate our community and the world.

So, I invite you to seek further information on how your light can shine.  Talk to the Senior and Junior Wardens, Janet Bush and Bill Price about your vision for the church and the best way for you to serve. Talk to the two Jims: Jim Brandshaw and Jim Armstrong to help keep our Grounds and buildings worthy of our worship and service.  Katy Dunlap and Christina Manning are your Liaisons for Christian Formation; share your ideas with them about children and adult education in our church and offer your services to realize these ideas. Sarah Belisle, as Liaison for Worship, will happily talk to you about joining the Worship committee, which meets at least quarterly to advance the quality of our worship. New Member Incorporation Liaison, Danny Gorham, will work with you to develop activities and programs to welcome and incorporate new members as our church grows. Implement with Liaison Angela Bourke one of the many Outreach efforts for which our Church is famous, or plan new ones. Chris Erbe will work with you and the Stewardship Committee to inform us all of all the efforts in engaging our three T’s. Liaise with Richard Sellers to participate in the Sunday Fellowship hours and the many other ways that keep our Parish Life celebratory and useful in our community. 

And always feel free to talk to Fr. Peter Ackerman.  Despite his busy schedule, his true passion is you!

By the end of the retreat, we had learned a lot: about each other, our passions, strengths and weaknesses, and mostly that we are a cohesive body: Congregation, Vestry, and Pastor. We work best in harmony.


Senior Warden
Janet Bush

Junior Warden
Bill Price

Stan Spence

Terms ends January 2018

• Bill Price

• Sarah Belisle

• Angela Bourke

• Janet Bush

Terms ends January 2019

• Richard Sellers

• Danny Gorham

• Liz Zubritsky

• Jim Bradshaw

 Terms ends January 2020

• Jim Armstrong

• Katy Dunlap

• Chris Erbe

• Christina Manning