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Concerts, Special Events and Music Schedule


Music Schedule for September through January 1, 2017

Saint Christopher’s Episcopal Church


Adult Choir Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7:30 – 9:00

Bell Choir rehearsals are Sundays from 12:15 - 1:00

Children’s Choir rehearsal from 11:50 -12:15

 September 11  The parable of the lost sheep

    Hymns: 423, 645, 708

    Anthem: Remembrance,

 September 18  Today we hear that you cannot serve two masters, you cannot

    serve God and wealth

    Hymns: 390, 605, 676, 345

    Anthem: Be thou my vision, Basler

September 25  Today we learn that If we do not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither will we be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.

    Hymns: 494, 623, 819 (WLP), 594

    Psalm 91 (chanted)

    Anthem: Swing low, sweet chariot, Adelmann

 October 2  Today’s lesson asks us to focus on our faith

    Hymns: 551, 660, 655, 704

    Anthem: Kindle the gift of god, Hancock

October 9  Jesus heals the 10 leapers yet only one returns to give thanks

    Hymns: 410, 415, 772 (WLP), 493

    Anthem: Vidi Aquam, Burnett

 October 16  Today we hear about the benefits of being persistent with prayer

    Hymns: 372, 628, 325, 530

    Shrine Mont Weekend: Choir off for this Sunday

October 23  The parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector

    Hymns: 398, 517, 314, 680

    Anthem: We all believe, John Weaver

October 30  Zacchaeus is summoned from the tree he is in and Jesus stays at

    his home as a guest.

    Hymns: 782 (WLP), 488, 318, 410

    Anthem: Beati, quorum via, Stanford

 November 6  All Saints Sunday:

    Hymns: 293, 656, 620, 287

    Anthem: The Invitation: Martinson

 November 6  Choral Evensong for All Saints

    Responses: Lehman, Magnificat: Martin, The Invitation: Martinson

    Recital at 4:30

    Choir call at 3:30

All church barbecue to follow 

November 13  Today we are reminded that “As for these things that you see, the days will come when not one stone will be left upon another; all  will be thrown down."

    Hymns: 11, 482, 665

    Anthem: Steal away, Adelmann;

    My Lord what a mornin’, Schweizer

 November 20  Christ the King Sunday

    Hymns: 494, 324, 382, 688

    Anthem: Crucifixus, Lotti

 November 30  First Sunday of Advent

    Today we are reminded to keep awake as we do not know when

    Savior to come

    Hymns: 57, 68, 61, 53

    Anthem: Keep your lamps, Andre Thomas

 December 4  Second Sunday of Advent

    Today John warns to repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near”

    Hymns: 76, 75, 69, 65

    Anthem: A Spotless Rose, Howells

 December 11  Third Sunday of Advent

    Hymns: 66, 71, 633, 493

    Anthem: Magnificat, Martin; The desert shall rejoice, Archer

 December 18  Fourth Sunday of Advent

    An angel appears to Joseph telling not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife

    Hymns: 54, 497, 60, 56

    Anthem: E’en so Lord Jesus, quickly come, Manz; O come, O

    come Emmanuel, Shaw

 December 24  Christmas Eve

    Psalm 96

    O Come All ye Faithful, Trenney (Choral Introit)

    Sure on this shining night, Morten Lauridson

    Gesu, Bambino, Pietro Yon

    Ave Maria, Biebl

January 1  Service of Lessons and Carols