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New Tools Make Giving Easier


A Message from our Treasurer.  Thank you for all your inquiries to on how to make donations to St. Christopher’s Church.  Listed below are ways to donate.  If you have other questions, please email Debbie Frear at StChristophersTreasurer@gmail.com.

 Ways to donate:

* Mail in checks to St. Christopher’s at 6320 Hanover Ave, Springfield VA 22150

* Set up electronic bill pay through your bank.  You only need the Church's name and address.

* Set up a bank to bank transfer.  Contact the St. C’s Treasurer if you want to do this. 

* Via PayPal - Donate with PayPal Giving Fund.  This is a no fee service, but donations will be delayed getting to the church for up to 45 days.

 Thank you for your generosity and keeping up with your pledge.

The Weekly Newsletter, November 23, 2022
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