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"A Loving Place to Learn"

Welcome to St. Christopher's Preschool!

“A Loving Place to Learn”

A Morning Preschool from 9:30 to 12:30
September through May - 2 to 5 days a week
Ages: 2½ to 4½

Phone: 703-451-1845

Email: info@stchristopherspreschool.net


Registration 2022-2023:

Dear Prospective Parent:

Thank you for your interest in our preschool.  The 2022-2023 school year will be an exciting one for us as we continue a tradition of serving families in our community for the 61st school year.  It is a privilege to be considered to join with you in taking part in your child’s early development and beginning education.  It is truly a joy to witness their growth over the course of time.  It would be an honor to have him/her join us for the next school year.

“A Loving Place to Learn” is not just a motto, but also our firm belief that a loving and nurturing environment is foundational for all growth and learning.  We will continue to offer children’s chapel for spiritual development, art and music for creative expression, and science and nature for vocabulary and concept enrichment.  Language development is emphasized in the classroom as well as in our student library, further promoting our dedication to the development of literacy areas—speaking, listening, and storytelling.   Developmentally appropriate methods are used to teach math, writing, and the alphabet along with many other skills that will prepare our four-year-olds for kindergarten.  Phonics is incorporated in all of our four-year-old classes with more emphasis in our five-day four-year-old class.

Please read the enclosed information and feel free to call or email me with any questions!

The following checklist shows the necessary paperwork and fees for registration:

Due at Time of Registration:

  • Student application
  • Registration Fee of $80

Due by May 3rd:

  • Tuition Deposit – one month (May 2023 tuition) Non-refundable after August 1st 2022.
    • Activity/Insurance fee
    • An original birth certificate for verification, we do not keep this. (New students only)

Due NO LATER THAN September 2nd:

 We look forward to a fun-filled year of learning adventures with you and your child at

St. Christopher’s Preschool – A Loving Place to Learn.


 Jennifer Huff




St. Christopher’s Preschool began in September 1961 as a Mother’s Day Out program to provide a ministry to mothers of young children. Since that time the school has grown into a developmental program, which serves 75 children each school day. SCP is a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools.


SCP is a mission of St. Christopher's Episcopal Church, whose mission is to provide a preschool of excellent quality at an affordable price to the local community.  Our mission is to live out and show God's love in a safe and inclusive environment.

St. Christopher's Church supports and sponsors the preschool as a mission of the church.   prmotes a positive and loving atmosphere that provides experiences for children to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. The school focuses on promoting the children’s independence and self-confidence while teaching them the joys of learning.

Early childhood is an important stage of development. Children grow and learn in developmental stages. The rate of development varies according to the individual child. In order to help the children develop to their fullest potential, we offer a variety of activities that alternate between active/quiet and child/teacher directed.