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Dear St. Christopher's family,

Our 2021 pledge campaign starts now! Please click the link below to download the Stewardship letter and online pledge card. If you'd rather complete your pledge card with pen and paper, we have "hard copy" packets available at church. 

Blessings and thanks,

Marifran Bustion, Stewardship Chair Lead

Stewardship Letter – Stewardship_Letter_2021_final.pdf

Pledge Card – Pledge_card_2021_electronic.pdf



Acolytes – Individuals who serve at our altar each week to assist in the worship service.  They include adults, and youth from grades 2 through High School.  Vested, they carry the cross and torches in procession; distribute the offering plates; assist in setting the altar for Eucharist; and support the priest in other ways.

Adult Choir – A talented group that rehearses each Wednesday from 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm and each Sunday morning from 9:30 until 10:15, and then leads the music for our Sunday worship.  The choir takes the summer off, but usually can be found in “pick-up” form in the back of the room.  They also provide special music for funerals, for All Saints Day and, sometimes, for Good Friday.

Altar Guild – These dedicated men and women prepare our altar each week for ALL the services. They care for our hangings; linens; vestments; silver; brass and pottery.  They work in pairs and training is provided. All are welcome. 

Banner Guild – This group creates and constructs new banners.  Our banners reflect a specific season, or a specific lesson. We have special banners for baptism and marriage, as well.  Suggestions and assistance are welcome.

Bell Choir – these folks rehearse Sundays at 12:00 and perform for special occasions throughout the year.  Training is provided.

Children’s Choir – The children rehearse on Sunday mornings prior to Sunday School, and sing for several services each year.

Christmas Pageant – The service of the word for the 5:00 pm family service on Christmas Eve tells the story in pageant and song.  All who wish to assist with costumes, organizing, and other duties as assigned are welcomed.

Communion Bread Bakers – A ministry of men, women and children who bake the Eucharistic Bread for our 10:30 service, and for some special services as well.  The recipe is provided.

Flower Guild – This group decorates our St. Christopher’s Chapel, Children’s Church, Main Altar, and Entryway each week.  They work in pairs and training is provided.  They also provide special floral decorations at Easter and Christmas, for which we need additional volunteers.

Intercessors – Each Sunday at the 10:30 service, the Prayers of the People are led by an Intercessor.  Names for special prayer are listed in the bulletin, and many are read aloud.  At the 7:30 service, the Prayers are led by the Lay Eucharistic Minister. Training is provided, and all are welcome.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers – Each Sunday at both services, we have two Chalice Bearers and a Paten Bearer serve in assisting with the Eucharist.  These people must be licensed by the Diocese, so the Rector must approve those who participate.  Training for this work is provided.

Lectors – At both our worship services each week, the Old and New Testament Lessons, as well as the Psalm, are read by volunteers from the Congregation.  All volunteers are welcome to join in this vital ministry.

Pastoral Assistance Team – This group goes to visit our parishioners who are unable to come to church.  This ministry requires a willing heart, a good car, and a license from the Diocese.

Prayer Team – These individuals work in pairs each Sunday to provide private, extemporaneous prayer in our St. Christopher’s Chapel during the administration of Communion.

Ushers – This ministry ensures that the needs of our worshippers are met each week.  They collect and receive our offerings of plate and pledge; assist in having Eucharistic offerings brought forward for consecration; and assist with smooth administration of our Communion.  At 10:30, we have teams who work each week.  At 7:30, the individuals come from the congregation present. 


Book Club – The group meets every other month to discuss books of interest to the community.  Members of the group suggest titles they believe will stimulate interesting discussion.

Coffee Hour – Each week, after our 10:30 service, a wonderful spread of food and drink is provided by the volunteers who host our Coffee Hours.  This ministry of hospitality is one way get to know our brothers and sisters in Christ and to welcome visitors to our midst.

Blessing of the Animals – Lead by IMC and in partnership with Communications, this year’s event included increased publicity and live music. 

Trunk or Treat – The Parish Life team coordinated the 2021 Trunk or Treat, which was a huge hit with our smallest parishioners and preschool members (and their parents). This event, held this year for the second time, holds promise to become an annual tradition that all parish members are encouraged to participate in by decorating their cars and handing out candy or attending with their kids/grandkids.

Men’s Group – the Men of St. Christopher’s meet once each month, usually on a Saturday for breakfast, to share in fellowship and learning.  They are also largely responsible for the Lobster Dinner and Prime Rib Dinner.

Parish PicnicAt the end of the program year, we gather for grilled goodies, pot-luck side dishes and desserts and great fellowship.

Shrove Tuesday – The traditional Pancake and Sausage Supper that mark the end of Epiphany and the day before Ash Wednesday is part of our St. Christopher’s tradition.  Willing hands to prepare the feast are always needed.  Donations are taken to cover the cost of the food.

Women’s Group – this group meets for prayer and fellowship once monthly and in the evening, for our many women who are employed elsewhere during the day time hours.  There are announcements letting you know when and where they will be meeting, so be on the lookout.

Living Nativity – Led by IMC and in partnership with Outreach & Communications, this event was expanded upon to include costumed actors, live music, and refreshments, in addition to the camel of past years. For the second year in a row, the ECHO Toy Drive was included in this event to great success.


Buildings Committee This group works to ensure that our buildings are maintained and provides several opportunities during the year for folks to come and assist in that endeavor, doing the things that our regular cleaning crew does not.

Finance Committee – Aside from the Vestry, the Finance Committee is the only committee canonically required for our church.  Knowledge of numbers is helpful in this endeavor, as this committee supports the work of our treasurer, and also supports presenting the budget. 

Grounds Committee – This group works to keep our “curb appeal” great, for us and for those who may be looking for a parish home.  They too provide opportunities for all of us to assist in these endeavors, doing things our groundskeepers do not.

Memorial Committee – This dedicated team works to expend memorial funds donated to this church in memory of someone who has died. They also update our Memorial Windows records and books. Memorial Gifts are recorded in the books found in our St. Christopher’s Chapel.

Memorial Gardens Crew – our grounds include several gardens planted in memory of loved ones, as well as the Memorial Garden, where the ashes of our loved ones are interred.  Assistance in keeping these special spaces green and growing is always welcome.

Stewardship Education Committee – This committee is privileged to remind the members of this congregation that all that we have comes from God, and giving back to God from that abundance is a joy.  They provide information and support for our Annual Giving Campaign and for our Ministry Fair – As our gifts of time and talent are as important as our gifts of treasure, we provide an opportunity for folks to see how their God-given gifts might be of use here at St. Christopher’s.  Assistance with set-up and clean-up is appreciated.

Tellers – These dedicated men and women work each week, following the 10:30 service, to count the money in the plates and take the deposit to the bank.  Training is provided, and the volunteers work in pairs, per good accounting practice.