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From the Rector's Desk


From the Rector’s Desk     

 "See, I am making all things new." Versions of this God spoken phrase can be discovered in the Bible's Books of Isaiah and Revelation. From this phrase we can discern that God is a part of renewal, reinvention, and change in our midst. As we begin enter into a new Program Year here at St. Christopher's Episcopal Church this coming Sunday (September 10th) I invite us all into the "newness" that our church life brings.

Right now you are already experiencing something new and probably wondering why you received this newsletter issue on a Tuesday. Read on!
Thanks to an anonymous donation, beginning this Sunday our bulletins will include professionally made and run lectionary inserts. This means that our not having to place the text of the readings into the bulletin there will be additional pages to fill, and fill them we will!
In addition to more room for written announcements, we will finally have a long requested "Sunday Participant Page," so church goers can know the name of who is reading the lesson, and more. Intercessors who read the Prayers of the People will no longer have to look for the Prayer List Sunday as that, too, will be printed in the bulletin. To summarize - because of the new lectionary inserts, the bulletin will now contain, in one form, all of the information that until this week needed three separate documents, and two separate email blasts to put into everyone's hands.
This newsletter that you read now is going to be sent out monthly. My hope is that until we find a volunteer editor for this periodical that the Vestry and parishioners will submit church related articles to me. These monthly articles might include accounts about events that were recently held here;  profiles of individuals highlighting why they come to St. Christopher's; reports of how events like funerals went, and more so that recipients of the monthly newsletter who live out of town can still feel a connection with our parish.
Since the article filled Newsletter will come out once per month, it is the bulletin that will be delivered to your email in box every week on Thursday. Again, all of the announcements will be in the weekly bulletin to peruse.   People who neglected to put their service schedule on their personal calendars can check the bulletin's participant page to see if they are serving on Sunday. Intercessors can prepare their Prayers of the People offerings from the list found in the same. Additionally there are some parishioners who may want to mark their hymnals or bibles, and/or read and practice singing ahead of the Sunday service.
Not only will this new, and traditional way, of publishing a weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter streamline the activity in the office, it will also help us to differentiate our periodicals so that one can contain announcements and the other live up to its name by delivering monthly news. My hope is that through volunteers, or eventually a Vestry Liaison's oversight we can develop the newsletter further.
This level of "new" would not be possible without the help of many. A big "thank you" each to our anonymous donor, to Nina Miller my full time Administrative Assistant, and to Vestry Register May Kamalick who guided us over the summer to morph what was called "The Epistle" to resembling an actual newsletter.
Yet it is not for an emailed bulletin and weekly inserts that I invite you into worship on Sunday September 10th; the beginning of our program year. It is also to see how and what God does with other "new" additions to St. Christopher's Church.   We will welcome our new seminarian, Brooks Boylan; our new Youth Minister for Teens, Meredith Maple; a new structure to supporting "Children's Church," and so much more.
God reminds us in the movement of life, and especially in God's church, that God is making all things new. Come and see this Sunday where God is calling you to be a part of our ever changing church community of St. Christopher's. I look forward to seeing you and discovering together how God is creating us all anew to serve God in and as God's Holy church this program year!
See you in church, dear ones!

 Fr. Peter 

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