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From the Rector's Desk


From the Rector’s Desk     

On our first Sunday of the New Year we will read from the Acts of the Apostles 19:1-7. Without composing my whole sermon here, I will only say that there is a recurring theme in Acts found in this pericope; humans interacting with one another is an important component to Christianity.

 As we begin our new calendar year, my hope is that we will continue to grow in faith as a parish, made up of individuals who corporately come together to live into our identity and serve as God's church. We embark on this adventure by our human made choices, but also by opening up ourselves to the Spirit. What a great opportunity we have to witness this later this month when a number of our members from some of our teenagers through adults who will make the decision to be either Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church. Confirmation is the opportunity to take claim of the Holy Spirit continuing to work in one's life and accept the same as a "confirmation" of one's baptismal vows. For those who have already been Baptized and Confirmed in another denomination, they make the declaration that the Spirit who has worked and guided them thus far, now brings them to an affinity with the Episcopal Church.
Rachel Held Evans is a blogger, and published author. In her latest work Searching For Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church (Thomas Nelson Publishing, 2015), and she remarks about the sacrament of Confirmation as it ties in with the statement of faith in our Church, The Nicene Creed. She writes "What you promise when you are confirmed is not that you will believe this forever. What you promise when you are confirmed is that this is the story you will wrestle with forever (e-book location 2643)." I love her take on it, because when we feel that we "get it" that is when we tend to leave the Spirit behind and go at it on our own. It is important to remember that our life is best balanced when we bring our human experiences and spiritual ones together as equal partners on the walk of life.
For those of us not being Confirmed or Received, besides remembering our own Baptismal Vows at the service, January offers other ways to continue our faith practices. I am delighted that Meagan Coffey, one of our Children's Church volunteer organizers, is leading a four week Adult Forum using Rachel Held Evan's book during the time between our Sunday worship services. Additionally near the end of the month we will begin our service to the community by hosing the Hypothermia Prevention Shelter for Fairfax County. By worship, by learning, by doing, we call can continue on our faith adventures and continually discover and discern God's call. January offers us wonderful ways to get jumped started on our new year with many blessings.
Fr. Peter

Vestry Vibes
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